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Vital Method

Interior Design, Art and Creativity  /  Engineering, Sourcing and Development.

We are a team of two, passionate and enthusiastic about expressing ideas, and as common ground, the desire to make them real. 


Inkrypt Candles starts in our home in Southern California. We loved to see and feel how our home changed with each new fragrance. We also noticed how our behaviors and moods changed with it. A simple candle could make such a difference in our environment and mindset but it was encapsulated in a very boring container. 


Our ideas merged into our contemporary life and after a lot of hard work and testing, we created a candle that shines even without being lit. It is participant of the space, it tells a story and invites you to transform your space with it.    

Each candle reflects styles, techniques and intentions, making them a special and valuable statement piece that can be reused to many other applications.

We curated it with premium fragrances and modern designs to create more than a candle, a multi-sensorial piece. 

To this day, we still make each candle one by one, it's a whole process that has it's own time and we flow with it. Every candle is made with patience and a lot of love. As we give you the option of selecting the design that speaks to you and the fragrance you want your space to have, we know that each candle is a reflection of a personality and we respect and value it. 

We thank you for your support and love,


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