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Interior Styling
for Artful Living

Handmade luxury soy candles that bring art to your home

Sending love capsule

Give a little light, give a little love

Signature Coconut Soy Wax Blend
100% Vegan, Clean and Sustainable wax from Los Angeles, exclusively for Inkrypt

Candles for Interior Design
Artistically designed ceramic vessels that add a styling element to your space 

Artisan Made Fragrances
Crafted with traditional techniques, exquisite aromas that will fill up the entire room

Made For You in London
Each vessel is carefully handmade and every candle is delicately hand-poured to order just for you. 

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Each vessel is made to order with exquisite aromas freshly poured into your favorite design

Inkrypt Ink Line Collection Ink Design Soy Wax Candles Made to Order in London Luxury Home Fragrances

Minimalist • Ink • Black and White

Soy Wax Candles Handmade to Order in London Inkrypt Art Masterpieces.jpg

Timeless • Masterpieces


Drawings • Thin lines • Motifs

Soy Wax Candles Handmade to Order in London Inkrypt Pop Tempo.jpg

Colorful • Graphic • Pop Art

Besos Inkrypt.jpg

Watercolors • Bright • Airy

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